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Most women love to get their nails done – on top of getting a beautiful manicure/pedicure, the experience should be relaxing as well. However, we need to be extra careful when choosing a nail salon – sanitation comes first. Proper hygiene and care will prevent spreading of bacteria and other microbes from one client to another, which is the most important aspect. In this article, we are going to discuss what to look for in a sanitary nail salon, so you know for sure you’re in safe hands when you’re getting your nails done.


Disinfection is absolutely necessary for every reusable manicuring tool. Meaning, they need to be cleaned with hot water and soap first, then disinfected using a proper sanitizer. Ideally, they should be sterilized after, to make sure all of the bacteria is eliminated. This procedures need to be done after every client, for metal instruments. Other tools, such as wood sticks, need to be thrown away after the first use (you could also ask them to use single-use files too, as they are the safest)


This should go without saying, but it’s important to mention that all pedicure chairs, manicure tables and jets in the salon need to be cleaned after every client. Pay close attention and if you see any scattered clippings from fingernails around, this is a warning sign, meaning they probably don’t clean up after previous clients.

Another important aspect to look after is the bathroom – it’s usually a good reflection of how clean and sanitized a place is. If it looks clean and put together, it can mean you’re in good hands.


The gut feeling you get when you enter a new salon that tells you whether the place is safe or not is usually right. If the floor, windows and chairs are clean, it could be a good indicator that this salon respects their clients.

Make sure you take those aspects into consideration when booking your next mani-pedi, as your health and comfort are of utmost importance!